This website functions as a cybertext “book” of looking at the practice of thinking, from the spiritual, personal and philosophical. This website was created as part of Ryan Kang’s BFA graphic design thesis in 2021 and was advised by Lucinda Hitchcock. The website holds conversations about thought and different perspectives about thinking with

  Theran VanOstrand a Fellow at The Providence Zen Center
  Alexia Kosmider, a Queer Film Maker
  Michael Barrus, A Professor of Mathematician at the University of Rhode Island
  Julia Chu, Nayeon Kim and Christie Zhong, my peers who shared a dinner with me.

This website also functions as a place for introspection for myself as the author. Thought is an incredibly personal and private space and I invite you, the reader, to have a look inside of it. The format of the website can be seen in the index, but I highly encourage the reader to experience it without the index and get lost in the project. Thought is this non-linear hard-to-trace feeling that I tried to replicate within my projecT (with a goal of getting to the end of the website.) You may not experience every page the first time through, but I would like you, as the reader, to read intuitively and thoughtfully.